On hot and cold service plants from -40°c up to a maximum of +700°c .
Specifically we insulate high, medium and low pressure pipes of power stations or waste to energy plants using a wide range of materials based on the customer’s technical requirements, ranging from mineral wool mats, pre-moulded fibreglass cupels, TEL cord, for hot pipes (hot water plants, steam, diathermic oil, etc.) pre-moulded polyurethane cupels and staves, cellular glass foamglass, polystyrene , Styrodur and Armaflex or alternative polyurethanes for cold fluid flow pipes.
Our organization enables us to offer synergic and well-planned services during the operational stage, focusing on the required specific activities with “times and methods” which satisfy our customers’ requirements in terms of both quality and planned schedules:

1)On site survey by our engineer to register the insulation construction data.
2)Transmission of the corresponding documents to our workshop to prefabricate the installation materials according to the required production times.
3)On site assembly of the components and, based on the required works, preventive on-site installation of our equipped workshop for prefabricated components.
The various parts are autonomously assembled by our professional and qualified staff , who install (our) scaffolds required to execute elevated works according to the regulations in force.
It must be pointed out that our employees’ activities are constantly monitored, both at the workshop and on the work site, by our Foreman and by the engineer who supervises “quality assurance” and on completion of the project submits the entire documentation to the Customer. S.I.C.I.T. SRL is also specialized in insulation and machine soundproofing, thermal-acoustic devices and insulation of production areas