Development and design of the Micro-perforated ducts has begun in the offices of our headquarters. Every building, environment, request of air conditioning or placement of duct installation is a separate system.

For optimal result we start from the type of building in which we operate to the required temperature and the ideal comfort speed. Through special software we calculate basing on multiple characteristics of our system (duct installation position, volumetric flow rate, static pressure, duct input temperatures, temperature required in summer /winter, ideal air speed) the ideal solution for the system to built.

We check the duct diameter required by the specifications or choosing the best solution for greater efficiency, in this way we monitor the air behavior in each space of the duct.

To facilitate proper mixing we apply multiple drilling options in the duct by choosing direction and air penetration

Once the solution is applied to the project, we develop a calculation report on the behavior of each individual band of the pipelines, and we attach it to the supply document.

We develop CAD model of the single tube perimeter and proceed with the construction of the diffuser ducts.